A true story of how the smartest way to manage personnel benefits came into being

It was the year 2006 when one of the most promising and fastest-rising companies in the IT industry ran into a problem: in what kind of a modern and agile way could a technology company, as an employer, encourage its employees to start exercising more? Synapses fired all over the place, and the brainstorming was spectacular. When the dust had settled, a promising new concept was born, and it was soon made available also to the general public. What began as just a tiny spark soon turned into a wild ride that attracted both statesmen and giant companies to hop on board, too. However, the most important thing is that every single employer, regardless of the size, and each individual is satisfied with the service.

So, that is how ePassi Payments Oy and SporttiPassi got started in 2007, and soon after that, the first-ever electronic payment method for tax-free personnel benefits was launched. “Let’s get the whole country moving!” was soon heard everywhere, from the country’s capital to the countryside.

But why did so many employers want to join the ride? The reasons were clear:

  • The only service in its field that bases its expenses based on actual usage of the benefits given.
  • Activates employees to take part in physical exercise.
  • Flexible payment methods that respond to the needs of both employees and versatile service providers.
  • Detailed statistics and no need for laborious management and logistics.
  • Openness, honesty and transparency – no chance for misuses.

The ePassi system was also well approved by the tax authorities, who kept tightening their grip on instructions over the years.

We had succeeded in our work – with our hands in the dirt, gritting our teeth, and never giving up. IT nerds purred with delight, and businessmen and women from various fields and trades patted each other on the back. However, the real sweating was just ahead because everyone knew from the beginning that the system was meant to actively encourage workers to exercise regularly.

Now, in 2014, it is time for renovation and growth, and ePassi has been chosen as the headman for this movement. Lounas-, Sportti-, Kulttuuri-, Työmatka- and HyvinvointiPassi are growing and developing all the time.

Today, ePassi is the leading electronic payment system for personnel benefits in Finland. With our efficient, diamond-hard team, we take care of managing the personnel benefits of hundreds of employers and their hundreds of thousands of employees. In addition to this, we maintain the network of thousands of user sites and keep expanding it, too.

We will continue our success story at a full blast as we head towards new challenges. Come and promote the well-being of the whole country with us, and above all, enjoy your free time – just the way you want to.