The most responsible and ecological way to produce well-being at work

Our mission is to produce wellbeing at work and look after the work ability of our country’s citizens. We do this by providing employers with an electronic, easy-to-administer, and cost-effective tool for personnel benefits. ePassi is the market leader in its field, and it’s the most modern and ecological way to provide employee benefits.

We want to listen to the employers and help them find wellness services that are suitable for each and every employee. Our goal is to act as an active partner, providing a service network that fulfills the needs of your entire staff. Moreover, our aim is to inspire employees to promote their own wellbeing.

Together with our customer base, we want to become the most important mediator of wellness-related benefits in Finland. We co-operate with various employers in order to support the wellbeing of employees’. We do this in a way that enables easily measurable results and a transparent cost structure.

Our long-term vision is to produce wellbeing also on an international level.