The most economical fringe benefit for employees using public transport

TyömatkaPassi is a convenient way to offer commuting benefit to employees. TyömatkaPassi brings considerable time savings for the employer since our service deals the benefit to the employees automatically. In addition,  there are no hidden costs involved, because employer’s expenses are based on the factual usage of the benefit. Like all other ePassi products, TyömatkaPassi is an environmentally friendly means of payments since it does not involve notes or plastic cards. Public transportation is also an ecological way to commute.

Due to the non-taxable nature of the benefit, both the employer and employee save a notable amount of money by taking TyömatkaPassi in to use. The benefit can be tailored to the needs of every employee: it can be granted as a bonus or it can be included in the salary. Commuting benefit does not have to be granted to all employees and the amount of the benefit may vary between employees.

TyömatkaPassi can be used when paying for purchases regarding a personal travel card or other public transport season tickets used in local traffic. TyömatkaPassi is accepted in every R-kiosk, at the Stockmann department stores and at HSL service points (Itäkeskus, Pasila ja Rautatientori). The payment is made by telling your phone number to the cashier who makes the payment in the ePassi web service.

There are no logistics, waiting time or expenses involved in the introduction of ePassi. In the ePassi web service, the employer can monitor the factual usage of the benefit. All statistics and reports are updated in real time. Additionally, the system provides you with employee-specific usage reports that are beneficial when filling in the annual information form.

Non-taxable employee benefits

  • Employee commutinh benefit is non-taxable up to 300 €.
  • The portion exceeding this amount is considered as a taxable income up to 750 €.
  • The portion exceeding 750 € is again non-taxable up to 3 400 €.
  • The benefit can be provided to the employee either as a bonus or by including it in the salary.
  • ePassi web service provides the employer with employee-specific usage reports for taxation purposes

An example of taxation, when the employee is granted a benefit equivalent to their travelling expenses:

A. Jack gets 2 500 € and Helen gets 1 000 € for their TyömatkaPassi. Both of them pay taxes for the amount of 450 €.
B. Lauren gets 500 € for her TyömatkaPassi. Lauren pays taxes for the amount of 200 €.
C. Peter gets 300 € for his TyömatkaPassi. Peter does not have to pay any taxes at all.

We will be happy to tell you more about TyömatkaPassi and help you with its implementation.

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