Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the mobile phone number connected to ePassi?

Only the employer can make changes to the phone numbers of employees. The employer can change the number by logging in to the ePassi web service with the company’s user name and password.

What is the amount of the benefit if an employee is added to the ePassi system midyear?

If an employee is added to the system without changing the activation date, the service will allocate the balance automatically according to the remaining months. So, if an employee is added in April, the employee will receive balance from the nine remaining months. If the activation date is changed to 1st of January when adding the employee information, the employee will receive a balance that corresponds to the amount given for the whole year. It is up to the employer to decide whether they want to grant balance for the whole year or not.

What to do at the end of an employment relationship?

The employer may enter an employment end date under the employee information in advance. When the end date arrives, our system will automatically terminate the right to use the benefit and remove the employee in question from the company’s list of employees.

If the employment relationship has already ended, the benefit can be terminated by clicking the “Delete employee” link. Employees removed from the list of beneficiaries can still be seen in the usage reports.

How do I get a new password if I have forgotten the old one?

Your user name is your mobile phone number, without dashes or spaces. You can order a new password here.

Can SporttiPassi be used to pay for a massage?

According to the tax law, an employer-provided sport benefit does not cover massage services.

Why did my login fail?

1. Your user name is your mobile phone number.
2. Check that you have entered the password correctly, using the proper combination of upper and lower case letters.
3. You can order a new password here if needed.

You can also check with your employer to make sure that they have added you into our web service.

Can I add my own money and more balance to my ePassi account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add your own money on to the ePassi account. At the moment, only the employer can add more balance and the given balance must obey the rules set by the tax authorities.

Can the benefit be used after the employment has ended?

This is up to the employer. The right to use the benefit ends on the termination date that is determined by the employer.

Why is my status in the web service marked as “suspended”?

Your right to use the benefit has been suspended. Please contact your employer.

Our company information has changed. Do we need a new contract?

You do not need a new contract. You can enter the new information yourself using our web service.

Do I need to confirm ePassi payments online?

You do not need to confirm the payments separately. The SMS received by the customer is a proof of payment. The  SMS receipt shows the name of the customer, the amount paid, the time of payment and the service provider’s own identifier.

How can I get more ePassi IDs?

Give us the name of your facility and how many ePassi IDs you need via e-mail, telephone or a support request.

How are the ePassi payments accounted for?

Payments made with ePassi are paid to the service provider’s bank account automatically in the beginning of the following month. The payer is ePassi Payments Oy. The service provider must ensure that the bank account information entered into the ePassi web service is correct.

What can I do if a customer wants to pay for a sum that does not have an ePassi ID?

Log in to our web service with the venue’s user name and password and choose “Charge a single payment” from the menu. After entering the required information, choose “Charge a single payment.” The payment is now complete.

If the venue does not have an Internet connection, but the customer has the ePassi smartphone app, they can pay the desired sum themselves by using the app.