Instructions for employers and service providers


Why choose ePassi?

ePassi saves both time and money!

1. Accurate, real-time statistics regarding the factual usage of the benefits: the employer does not have to pay for unused benefits.

2. ePassi distributes the balance to the employees automatically, so that the employer does not have to do it manually. The employees can enjoy the benefits granted for them immediately.

3. Payment methods that comply with the tax requirements.

4. The benefit is always with you wherever you go, and it can be put into use immediately.

5. Thousands of service providers accept ePassi payments. Small service providers accept ePassi payments, too.

ePassi makes using the benefits easy for all the parties involved. Join us now!

Where can I use ePassi?

The users of Sportti- and Kulttuuripassi can use their balance to pay for the sports and culture services that they want to. SporttiPassi allows you to pay practically for any of the 15 000 sports services available in Finland, ranging from international fitness chains to sports clubs run by group of friends.

TyömatkaPassi can be used as a means of payment at R-kiosks and Stockmann and HSL service points.

How can we take ePassi into use?

Taking ePassi into use is easy. Your organization can start using Sportti- and KulttuuriPassi by registering into our web service. When doing the registration, you can define what is the balance you want to grant to your employees. TyömatkaPassi can be activated through our customer service.

We are with you through the entire implementation process. Once we have received the required information regarding the employees, we will activate the benefit according to your wishes. The employees can start using their benefit immediately. You can manage the distribution of the benefit easily through our web service, and our reports provide real-time information regarding the factual usage of the benefit. Communications is also very important to us: we will provide you with material that will help you with the implementation of ePassi, so that the information reaches the entire staff.

How do I pay with ePassi?

The majority of payments are made by identifying yourself with your own phone number at the checkout counter of the desired venue of use. You can also pay by calling to our service number or by using our free mobile app. By logging in to our web service, you can also make payments regarding service providers that do not have a separate checkout counter or that normally invoice their customers.

By using our search system, you can see which payment method each service provider has chosen.

Invoicing and pricing

We will be happy to discuss with you what the most suitable methods would be for your company in providing employee benefits. For more information about invoicing and pricing, please contact our customer service.

Lost password?

You can order a new password here.

How do I use my ePassi?

After your employer has activated the benefit, you can start using your ePassi immediately. You will be notified when the benefit has been activated via e-mail or SMS.

Search for your favourite service provider using our search engine.

The icon under the service provider indicates the available payment methods.

At the venue of use, tell the cashier that you will be paying with ePassi. The cashier will provide you with further instuctions.
Make the payment using our web service.

You can find more information about our different payment methods here.



Why choose ePassi?

Payments made with ePassi are paid to the service provider’s bank account automatically in the beginning of each month. You can use our web service to get real-time reports on payment transactions for accounting purposes.

ePassi is suitable for all service providers, regardless of size. You do not need to have a card reader, a cashier or an Internet connection in order to receive payments. The service provider can choose their own preferred payment methods from our selection.

Start using ePassi by calling our customer service: 0200 69 000.


Receiving payments with ePassi

The service provider can receive payments made with ePassi with the methods they have chosen themselves. Regardless of the chosen payment method, the ePassi system always shows the name of the customer to the service provider. The service provider can charge the customer themselves, or let the customer make the payment either on the spot or somewhere else.

You can find more information about our alternative payment methods here.